Abstract The left front paddle of an unidentified elasmosaurid in the collection of the Fick Fossil and History Museum exhibits two groups of deeply incised grooves across the dorsal and ventral sides of the humerus that suggest a series of bites by the lamniform shark, Cretoxyrhina mantelli. The remains were discovered by George F. Sternberg in 1925 in the Smoky Hill Chalk Member of the Niobrara Chalk, Logan County, Kansas, USA. Archival photographs, along with Sternberg’s hand written note, document the condition of the specimen when originally collected. The specimen is significant because it preserves the first evidence of probable feeding by C. mantelli on an elasmosaurid, and because it represents the rare occurrence of an elasmosaurid in the upper Smoky Hill Chalk of western Kansas.

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