Abstract Variability of dinosaur eggshell assigned to Megaloolithidae, from the Upper Cretaceous of Suterranya (Upper Campanian–Early Maastrichtian, Catalonia, South–Central Pyrenees), is described and compared with other Catalan, Argentinean, French, and Indian contemporaneous eggshells. Two–variable statistics using eggshell thickness and external diameter of eggshell units show discontinuous heterogeneity in the studied sample. Highly significant, stronger heterogeneity is also observed when comparing eggshell thickness from Suterranya to other neighbouring samples (Basturs, Coll de Nargó, Pioch Herbaut and Les Vignes) and India. Heterogeneity is interpreted as probably indicative of dinosaur polytypic diversity, instead of polymorphism of eggshell from one dinosaurian paleospecies. Variability distribution of eggshell thickness suggests a 15% coefficient of variation as the upper limit of a homogeneous intraspecific eggshell sample. The utility of eggshells as an indicator of nesting dinosaur diversity, particularly in the Catalan Pyrenees, is discussed. + erratum.

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