Abstract Recent excavations in the Plattenkalk of the Civita di Pietraroja (Lower Albian, Southern Italy) have yielded a new representative of the Ichthyodectiformes (Actinopterygii: Teleostei). Although the specimen is still under study, a preliminary report appears to be warranted. Attribution to Ichthyodectiformes is based on the following characters: pronounced mandibular prognathism, triangular supraoccipital crest, hammer–shaped anterior part of the autopalatine articulated with ethmoid and maxilla. This specimen represents the second discovery of ichthyodectid in Pietraroja, and the first showing the anterior part of the body, including an almost complete and articulated skull. Due to its exceptional preservation, this specimen may represent one of the most complete Italian ichthyodectid, and one of the most complete specimens from European Albian as well.

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