The PalArch Foundation was founded 28 March 2003 in Rotterdam (notary’s office Gregoire, Dorpsweg 203, 3082 LM) by A.J. Veldmeijer, S.M. van Roode, E. Endenburg (= first board) and G. Kuhn. The file number is ® 2003 07 23 01 and it is deposited at the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel), registration number: 34188508. If you are interested in the regulations of the PalArch Foundation, you can contact the Chamber of Commerce, De Ruyterkade 5, postbox 2852, 1000 CW, Amsterdam, 0031 (0)20 5314000.

Current address:

Spieregerweg 1
7991 NE Dwingeloo
The Netherlands

Board of the Foundation

  • Chairman: Dr. A.J. Veldmeijer (André)
  • Vice-chairman: vacant
  • Treasurer/Secretary: Ing. E. Endenburg (Erno)
  • Opted Member: Dr. B.L. Beatty (Brian)

Advisory board

  • Prof. Dr. S.K. Donovan
  • Prof. Dr. B.M. Fagan
  • Prof. Dr. H.D. Schneider
  • Dr. J. de Vos


The following publishers agreed with our book review system: Brill Academic Publishers; California University Press; Cambridge University Press; Cavendish Publishing Limited; Cornell University Press; Geological Society of America; Indiana University Press; Jones and Bartlett Publishers; Kluwer Academic Publishers B.V.; Nilsson & Lamm BV; Oxbow Books; Oxford University Press; Phaidon Press Limited; Philipp von Zabern; Routledge/Taylor & Francis; Thames & Hudson; The Geological Society Publishing House; The Johns Hopkins University Press; The Overlook Press; Tirion Uitgevers BV; UCL Press; University of Texas Press.

Support the PalArch Foundation!

Our financial supply is very small and quickly dried up, despite the low costs and the fact that all participants of the Foundation work in their spare time and without any financial compensation. The highest costs at the moment are the rent of web space for the journals! In order to be able to continue this ambitious project we ask you to support us.

How to support the Foundation financially?

Transfer your contribution to banking account* of

Stichting PalArch
Spieregerweg 1
7991 NE Dwingeloo
The Netherlands

The money needs to be transferred to the banking account of the PalArch Foundation. There are no costs inferred for transferring to our account inside the European Union (EU), but only when the BIC and IBAN codes are given (see below); outside the EU costs have to be paid. In order to limit these costs for you as much as possible, it is advised to incorporate as much details on our bank as possible.

PalArch Foundation, BIC: ABNANL2A, IBAN: NL02ABNA0434502227, Banking account of the ABN AMRO, Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 190, PO Box 80072, 1005 BB AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands.