This journal is deposited as hard copy in five archival libraries and the archive of the PalArch Foundation. All of PalArch’s publications are stored in the e-depot of The National Library, The Hague, The Netherlands (www.kb.nl).

Geoscience Library
Utrecht University
Princetonlaan 6
3584 CB Utrecht
The Netherlands 

Het Natuurhistorisch Rotterdam
Westzeedijk 345
3015 AA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences Library
rue Vautier 29
B-1000 Brussels

  Library Naturalis
National Museum of Natural History
P.O. Box 9517
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands 

PalArch Foundation
Spieregerweg 1
7991 NE Dwingeloo
The Netherlands

Vrije Universiteit
UBVU-Library of Earth Sciences
De Boelelaan 1079
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands