BOOK REVIEW: Palarch’s Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology 8 (1) 2011

B.L. Beatty about Sepkoski, D. & Ruse, M. (eds.) 2009. The Paleobiological Revolution. – Chicago, University of Chicago Press The history of palaeontology tends to focus on Darwin, Cope and Marsh, or if someone is particularly scholarly, the Burgess Shale. But with the exception of studies on Darwin, few of these ever delve deeper in […]

Nieuwland, I.J.J. 2004. Gerhard Heilmann and the artist’s eye in science, 1912-1927. – PalArch’s Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology 3, 2: 1-11

Abstract Gerhard Heilmann’s ‘Origin of Birds’ from 1926 is a remarkable book. Written by an illustrator-cum-amateur-biologist, it gained worldwide authority almost immediately upon publication. It is demonstrated that Heilmann’s skills as an artist, and his ability to use illustration to support his argument, were crucial in gaining this status. Furthermore, turning away from the dramatic […]