Grajetzki, Wolfram. 2020. The Coffin of Nywty (Nuti), Saqqara. – PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology 17(2) (2020), 1-29. ISSN 1567-214X. 29 pages + 7 figures + 34 plates.

The publication of a coffin found in 1982 by the excavations under the direction of the late Professor Peter Munro at Saqqara. The coffin dates to the 6th Dynasty and shows some rare features such as an offering list on the outside and the omission of gods’ names in the texts. Download PDF file

Janssen, Rosalind. 2020. The Pleated Dress of Nywty. – PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology 17(1) (2020), 1-11. ISSN 1567-214X. 11 pages + 4 figures.

A description of a fragment of a pleated dress, discovered in situ in 1982 by the late Peter Munro and his team in the tomb of Nywty. An evaluation of its importance for our understanding of pleated dresses in ancient Egypt. Download PDF file